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Anne Pisante - Holistic health

Anne Pisante, Ph.D. in Molecular Genetics, provides hands-on energy treatments (craniosacral and reflexology).

The treatments are beneficial to all ages, from the newborn to elderly people.

Treatments of chronic pain (backpain, headache and migraine, joint pain etc.), stress related disorders (anxiety, sleep disorders, depression), neurologic problems (Parkinson, MS, neuralgia, hyperactivity, epilepsy), recovery from surgery or accidents. 

For the newborn and young babies, craniosacral therapy is a very gentle touch therapy that brings relief in case of torticolis, hyperactivity, colics, suckling difficulties, hypotonia, development impairment etc.

Treating the young mother soon after birth allows a swift recovery, enhances milk production, prevents and soothes post-partum depression.

Finally Anne provides also energy treatments for pets, in case of chronic diseases, accidents or behavior problems. 

The treatments are provided in Jerusalem, please contact me at 02-5619011. You are invited to leave a message and I will call you back.



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